Ramadan 2020 – Ramadan is not cancelled

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Ramadan in 2020 is going to be different to any other Ramadan we will have encountered in our lifetime. However do not despair with some adjustments we can still enjoy the blessings and warmth of Ramadan.

This article covers some ideas and inspiration on how to make the most of Ramadan 2020.

In Ramadan it is common to get together with family or friends to break fast, gather at the mosque for tarawih prayers and cook a variety of dishes every day. These yearly activities which are common place in our Ramadan will not be taking place this year.

The current situation is sad and difficult for many, although we should take this opportunity as a chance to reflect and appreciate the true essence of Ramadan.

We have been given extra time in a day and chance to reduce everyday distractions, we won’t have the daily commute to work or drop off the kids or other everyday out of the house activities.

Even with many people still working from home and home schooling, you have time and flexibility to make the most of this blessed month.

Here are some ideas and suggestions on approaching a different Ramadan this year.

Group Iftar

No virtual set up will replace physically sitting around a table and breaking fast but in these times compromises are required and a virtual get together is the compromise. Set up a virtual iftar with family or friends, listen to the Maghrib azan together and do bismillah on the first date of iftar.

Share recipes and menu beforehand so all are eating the same foods or even better cook your own favourites and share details over the virtual dinner table.  Alternatively order meals from Dining and share the experience.

You can use Zoom, Whats App, FaceTime or one of the many video tools available (most are free to sign up to, if not already done so).

Ramadan Tent who annually hold Open Iftar have set up My Open Iftar this year, a virtual approach to iftar time to share with other people throughout UK and World. Find out more here.


Even though supermarket shelves are generally well stocked, you may still find there are certain ingredients you are not able to find. Also visits to supermarkets and grocery stores should be kept to a minimum.

This will mean there could be savouries, meals or desserts which you usually make and will not be able to make. Do not get caught up in visiting many different stores trying to find the ingredients, instead cook and eat with you have available. Part of Ramadan is to be grateful for what we have, lets act on this.

Additionally, with more time on our hands, do not spending most of it cooking extra dishes and food for iftar, it is important we stay conscious of food waste.

In regards to sharing food, do still send food for neighbours (delivered from a safe distance), maybe find a local charity which is delivering food for those in needs in the current times. Plenty of ways to still share iftar food with others, remember it is a nice gesture to share with non muslim neighbours.


The month of Ramadan is more than just fasting, it is about spirituality and reflection. A chance to work on our imaan and ibaadat.

Alhumdullilah this year we have been given a gift of time, let’s put it to good use.

To replace going to the mosque, find out if a local mosque has a transmission channel to hear azaan or lectures. Alternatively search You Tube or podcasts for lectures to listen to.

Check for local Ramadan stations, also have a look at your local BBC radio stations they have a weekly Islamic broadcast on Friday mornings. Don’t forget religious channels such as Islam Channel.

Understand the quran more by reading a translation of a surah each day.


With the lock down we are spending more time together as a family, find activities you can do as a family together. Some of the ideas in the reflection section can be done as a family.

If you have kids, spend time creating Eid greeting cards for extended family members (grandparents, aunties, uncles and friends). Learn to write Arabic or create artwork of key words in Islam. Do story time sharing Islamic stories.

Ramadan is not cancelled – lets use this unique Ramadan as an opportunity reflect, pray and increase knowledge.