Box of 7 Low Calorie Meals

Selection of low calorie meals. 7 Meal Box


The box will contain the following meals:

Shish tawook (120g) with cous cous (120g) & veg (50g) – 399 kcal

Beef (150g) with noodles (100g) & veg (50g) – 419 kcal

Halloumi (100g) with veg (150g) – 343 kcal

Paneer Tikka (80g) with veg (120g) & rice (120g) – 406 kcal

Chickpea masala (150g) with rice (120g) – 390 kcal

Tandoori Chicken (150g) with Rice (120g) & veg (50g) – 343 kcal

Buffalo bites (150g) with cous cous (120g) &amp; veg (50g) <em>(note: this is a spicy dish) – </em>358 kcal

If you would like to swap any of the meals, add details in comments during checkout.