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Shaheena recently sat down with Feed the Lion to discuss what Dining was bringing to the market.

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Story of Dining

26 Aug 2019 no comments shaheena

Hi, I am Shaheena the founder of Dining, we have now been running for 6 months and it’s been a great 6 months getting to know our customers, learning what is popular, what is not and all the other helpful feedback.

I wanted to share a little bit more about myself and the story behind Dining.

Firstly, this was an idea of mine from a few years ago when I encountered the gap in the market, however, did not pursue it at the time. Two years ago, I found myself experiencing the same issue again and decided last year to work on Dining to fill this gap.

What I encountered was during a busy project in my project management career, where I did not have time to cook (being away and finishing work late) and was looking for quality tasty meals to eat at home and during lunch. Looking around local supermarkets I could only find vegetarian or fish-based meals, or for halal it was pies, burgers etc.

For the best part of a year I ate food from restaurants which were available on the various delivery apps or then local take away food, the food was generally mediocre, on top of having to pay delivery costs or buying extra food to cover the minimum delivery order.

I found I was not enjoying the food, wasn’t always the healthiest of options and food was being wasted.

This was a struggle for me, as I have been bought up being well fed on home cooked food and when I moved away from home very quickly learned to cook so I could continue enjoying home cooked food.

When I looked around friends and colleagues, I seen how busy our lives had become and how little time people had to cook meals. Taking this into consideration alongside the limited options for halal ready meals, Dining was cooked up.

With Dining I want to conveniently make available good quality tasty meals, which are like home cooked meals.

Every meal which is on the menu is based on a home cooked recipe, keeping to the authenticity of the cuisine and providing a flavoursome meal. No additives or preservatives go into any of the meals and the freshest of ingredients are used.

Dining wants to bring back the days of having a home cooked meal even if you do not have the time, skills or energy to cook yourself.

Find out more at www.diningeating.com and follow us on Facebook/Instagram/Twitter @Diningeating.

Mathilde Redshaw

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Write up and summary of Dining from Mathilde Redshaw:



The London Haloodie

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We recently sent a box of our meals to ‘The London Haloodie’ for tasting and reviewing.

Find out more what they thought:

DiningEating Halal meals

Eid Celebration Dinner

30 May 2019 no comments shaheena

Collaboration with Halal Dinner Club

We have partnered with Halal Dinner Club (www.halaldinnerclub.com) to host an Eid celebration dinner in London on 14th June. A chance to catch up with friends, meet new friends and listen to a renowned speaker, not forgetting all over a 3 course meal providing. An opportunity to try our food and learn more about our business and service offering.

If you would like to be kept up to date with other dinner events we will be hosting in the future and other locations, register your details and we will keep you in the loop.

If you would like us to host a dinner in your location or maybe collaborate on an event, feel free to drop the Dining team an email at info@diningeating.com.


Ramadan Special

14 May 2019 no comments shaheena

For Ramadan 2019, we have a couple of specials available:

Firstly a second delivery day (Friday) will be available till 25th May.

Secondly a special Iftar box has been added to the menu, a complete iftar meal for one person at £10. The box contains 4 pieces of starters (2 different savouries), a main meal, baklava or turkish delight and some dates.

You can order for up to 6 people, perfect if you would like to invite some friends or family around for iftar.

You can order from here : www.diningeating.com/iftarbox

Azanti Wines

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We sat down and tasted a variety of non alcoholic drinks from Azanti with 6 of our meals.

Here is our choice of drink with each meal, so why not add a little something different to your meal or next time you have a family/friends dinner.
Meals from www.diningeating.com
Drinks from www.azanti.co.uk

Lamb Kofta
Paired with Senorio De La Tautila Red
Best served at room temperature

Butter Chicken
Paired with Senorio De La Tautila White
Best served chilled


Chicken Fajita
Paired with Pierro Zero Rose
Best served chilled

Chilli Paneer with Noodles
Paired with Pierro Zero White
Best served chilled

Pasta Bolognese
Paired with Senorio De La Tautila Red
Best served at room temperature

Swipe Halal

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Recently the team from Swipe Halal visiting our stand at the London Muslim Shopping Festival at Olympia, and we made their shortlist of companies they liked.

See full article here.

Swipe halal are a new service coming soon to make life easier to find halal food.

You can follow them on Instagram here or visit their website.