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All of our dishes can be heated up in the microwave directly from the freezer, however you may not be keen on using the microwave or potentially do not have one. Here are some tips on how to heat up meals without using the microwave. If you decide to not use a microwave, ensure the meals have defrosted prior to heating up and keep in mind meals will take longer to heat up. Curry Based Read More
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Ramadan in 2020 is going to be different to any other Ramadan we will have encountered in our lifetime. However do not despair with some adjustments we can still enjoy the blessings and warmth of Ramadan. This article covers some ideas and inspiration on how to make the most of Ramadan 2020. In Ramadan it is common to get together with family or friends to break fast, gather at the mosque for tarawih prayers and Read More
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Food waste is a problem and not the kind of problem that we can just brush under the carpet. The current climate we are living in shows us that our greed even extends to toilet roll and our first-world countries are the worst for it. As we consider how to keep ourselves healthy and the planet thriving, reducing food waste is something that is slowly becoming a key issue for households in the UK and Read More
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For many of us, working from home was not something we had really considered before but over the last few weeks more and more working professionals are finding themselves in a new scenario: working from home. It can be difficult to stay motivated, productive and focused. So we thought we would put together our hacks to make the transition as soon as possible. Let us know if you use any and how you got on! Read More
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Chicken is perhaps one of the most versatile meats readily available and it plays an incredibly important role in Mexican cuisine as a whole. From Fajitas to Tacos to Enchiladas and more, chicken can be used in all of these dishes. More importantly, our Mexican Chicken dish is versatile enough for you to use over and over in a number of recipes and never get bored. To give you a helping hand, we have put Read More
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