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Are you getting ready for a new year at university? Maybe it is your first year at university or you are a parent getting ready to see your kid off on their new adventure. Chances are it is the first time being away from home and living alone, having to look after yourself. The main shock having to feed yourself; there only so many times you can eat pot noodles or beans on toast. Virtuelicious Read More
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The Coronavirus has us dreaming of travel more than ever before. Home quarantine has got us thinking about all the places we want to visit, but more importantly – all the food we want to eat. Dreams of trendy cafes, spicy street food, and fresh markets have got us packing our suitcases already. This is the right time for travellers today to be planning their journeys around all the foods they want to eat before Read More
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Here at Dining, we use classic spices to give our food a flavour that stays true to culture. Our fresh herbs and spices give the dishes that perfect homemade touch. Some of our favourite go-to ingredients are jeera (cumin), chilli, ginger, and elaichi (cardamom). Not only are these staples in households for flavour, they’ve got great health benefits as well. Ginger is full of anti-inflammatory properties and is a great way to relieve gastric discomfort, Read More
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Nothing says celebrations the way that sweets do, bring in Ramadan this year with these delicious and easy-to-make desserts. No one needs to be an expert chef to tackle these treats, they’re tasty and a fabulous way to impress your family too. Here’s 5 desserts that’ll leave your sweet tooth satisfied: Date Burfi Dates are a staple for Ramadan, and they’re a wonderful source of natural sweetness for those a bit more conscious about sugar. Read More
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With Ramadan soon starting and another year of over 12 hours fast, thought we would share some tips and food suggestions for eating well in the month (also relevant for shorter fasts). In order to comfortably complete all fasts and have an effective month, what you eat plays a critical path. There are the general well-known guidelines for meal times: Avoid food and drinks with high sugar content Hydrate Avoid greasy food, such as fried Read More
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