Alternative to Microwave

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All of our dishes can be heated up in the microwave directly from the freezer, however you may not be keen on using the microwave or potentially do not have one.

Here are some tips on how to heat up meals without using the microwave.

If you decide to not use a microwave, ensure the meals have defrosted prior to heating up and keep in mind meals will take longer to heat up.

Curry Based Dishes

Empty contents in to a pan, place on a cooker on a low heat with lid on. Stirring only occasionally & gently to avoid breaking the chicken, meat or veg in to pieces.

The same approach can be applied to Biryani.

For boiled rice, sprinkle some water on to rice before heating up.

Chilli Paneer / Mexican Chicken / Noodles

These dishes can be heated up in a frying pan, on a low heat stirring occasionally.

Peri Peri Chicken

Wrap defrosted chicken and the sauce in foil, place in an oven at around 150 degrees. It will take atleast 20/30 mins to heat up, ensure to pieces have heated all the way through.

Roasted Home Fries

Place the home fries in an oven proof dish. Heat up in the oven at 150 degrees, you may choose to cover dish with foil to avoid potatoes becoming too crispy.

Hope you enjoy our meals however you decide to heat them up.