About Us - Dining


Our Story

Welcome to UK’s first halal ready meal delivery service, launched
in early 2019 to fill the gap in the market for homemade tasting
halal meals in the freezer.

Dining aims to bring the days and taste of home-cooked meals to
you when you do not have the time, skills, or energy to cook. For
your convenience, the meals are frozen and delivered directly to
your door.

After all good food is fuel for the body, mind and soul.

Our Founder

The founder Shaheena cooked up the idea of Dining from her own
experience of a busy life with a career in project delivery. With
long hours and travelling for work, she found there was no time
for shopping and cooking, searched for solutions and was not able
to find anything suitable for a halal diet which was not take-away
or then Vegetarian.

Shaheena has a passion for food from around the world and
enjoys eating good tasting meals, this drives the quality and values
behind the meals offered.

To read more about the founders visit the blog page.

Our Food

Every meal which is on the menu, is based on a home cooked
recipe using fresh ingredients and they are in keeping with the
authenticity of the cuisine and are flavoursome. Along with fresh
ingredients only halal meat is used, so perfect for those who do
follow a halal diet.

All meals are cooked in a production kitchen which has been
awarded a rating of 5 by local authorities, with all staff fully

Our Service

Our meals are delivered nationwide frozen, allowing you to order
at your convenience and have available in your freezer when

Meals are packed with insulation and ice packs to maintain the
correct temperature for overnight delivery by chosen couriers.