7 Productivity Hacks To Work Better From Home

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For many of us, working from home was not something we had really considered before but over the last few weeks more and more working professionals are finding themselves in a new scenario: working from home. It can be difficult to stay motivated, productive and focused. So we thought we would put together our hacks to make the transition as soon as possible. Let us know if you use any and how you got on!

Get Dressed

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This might sound a little obvious but the urge to stay in your pyjamas and pull your laptop to your bed is huge when working from home so it’s best to start the day as you mean to go on and get dressed like you would a normal workday.

Not only does this mean you have prepared for any video conference calls you may have but you will be in a better frame of mind to tackle the day ahead and make it as productive as possible

Find The Right Workspace

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This could be the make or break of your whole work from home experience. Although we know not everybody perhaps has the luxury of a study or separate workspace in their home, it is important to find somewhere sturdy, flat and spacious to get your work done.

A great example would be your dining table, perfect to work and close enough to the food too! It’s a bonus if you can find somewhere with plenty of sunlight.

Stay In Contact With Your Work Colleagues


Working from home can be a lonely affair and so staying in contact with your colleagues is massively important. Whether this is on a voice call, video call or even a cheeky Snapchat make sure you stay a little social, just like in the office.

If those aren’t to your liking, more professional apps like Slack, Zoom & Google Drive can make sure you stay connected too.

Plan Your Day

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Usually, when you get into work, the first thing you would do is check your diary right? Make sure you do the same thing at home. By planning your day and creating a schedule you leave little time to procrastinate but make sure you hit all your goals for the day.

This will help you collaborate with others, take regular breaks and make sure you finish on time so you can say sayonara to those spreadsheets!

Create A Mental Dump Zone


This is probably one of our favourite hacks and something we find massively useful on a day-to-day basis. This zone can be on your laptop, in your notebook or even on a whiteboard but it is a sacred place for all of those small lingering thoughts that otherwise would circle your mind for days.

This way, you can continue working on the big stuff whilst feeling reassured that you will remember and look back at the small things you perhaps need to tick off your list or mention to someone else once you find the time. This revolutionised our daily routine and we hope it will yours too!

Don’t Forget To Take Breaks (Including A Lunch One)


Breaks are super important to help split up the day, give your eyes and ears a rest and also your muscles a chance to stretch. This goes for your all-important lunch break too. When we are at home, it is easy to blur the lines between professional and casual, especially if you are sitting at your dining table surrounded by food at all times.

We would recommend moving location in your home, getting some nutritional food like our Mexican Chicken or Chilli Paneer and spend time away from any screen to help reset your mind.

Stay Active


This is definitely one for our current self-isolation / social distancing predicament but as all the gyms and leisure centres are now closed, it is more important than ever to try and stay active at home.

There are a number of home workouts available on Youtube and from our favourite sports brands like Nike and Adidas too. Even GymShark is now partnering with personal trainers to bring their expertise right to you in the comfort of your home. Staying active and healthy will help with your mental wellbeing and make sure you come out of this period unscathed.